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About me

I have always had a bond to animals, especially dogs. I became a groomer honestly because I thought I wanted to "make dogs pretty".  Fast forward 20 years now and I still have the need to make dogs feel pretty, but with a whole different outlook.  I truly feel grooming is so much more than a bath or haircut.  It's a relationship, built on trust, patience, understanding, and genuine love.

I believe dogs can sense exactly how you feel and will react accordingly to who you are internally. Grooming for me is a way to connect, bond and share my love for dogs while "making them pretty".

With that said, I am adamant about always providing a gentle, calm, and loving experience for your pet.  One where they are excited to come back.  I will always do what is best for your pet. 

Comfort before vanity!!!!  A day at the spa should leave them feeling happy, refreshed, loved and proud!

I am so happy to share my passion and love for dogs with your fur babies.

---Melissa O'Rourke

Fur the Love of Dogs Washington

“Melissa was great with my 3 dogs!!!  I wasn't sure how'd they'd be, but they loved it!!!  We will be repeat customers!!!!"

Tracy Unangst-Newlander

“The best, most patient groomer EVER!!! My PITA wheaten loves you!"


-Kim Meano

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